The story of Bryant’s begins in the years following the American Civil War. A young Southern officer returning home to the Virginia Blue Ridge inherited acreage and an overseer’s log cabin upon his father’s death in 1865. From these modest beginnings, he developed a prominent orchard farm called Edgewood.

Today, through six generations, begins a new chapter for Edgewood farm through Bryant’s Cider. Preserving a legacy – not just of the land – but of strength, commitment, perseverance and preservation. We are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and preserving the natural resources of Virginia.

Our mission is to produce authentic ciders using traditional methods while creating an organic and always evolving consumer experience. We produce 100% sugar-free, naturally carbonated ciders with whole ingredients. Bryant’s is a true farm to bottle cidery and all of our ciders are handmade and properly aged.

3224 E. Branch Loop
Roseland, Virginia 23967