Blue Ridge Tunnel

The Blue Ridge Tunnel was constructed between 1850 and 1858 beneath Rockfish Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia.

CSX Transportation generously donated the tunnel to Nelson County in 2007. Dark, damp and hidden ~ over 700 feet below the Blue Ridge mountains lies a 4,700’ abandoned train tunnel in the heart of the Crozet Tunnel Greenway. At just over 2 1/4 miles, the crushed stone path offers the explorer a chance to travel back in time to touch the original pin scars from the 1850’s. 170 years later, the tunnel is more cave-like and holds year-round temperatures of 50 degrees.

Wanderers can discover bats, the elusive long tailed salamander, ancient hand molded bricks and secret waterfalls. Strap on your headlamp and lace up your hiking shoes for a cool, unforgettable voyage!

The winding trail cuts through a mature forest lined with laurels, moss and a small mountain stream. The steep grade limits access to only those who are fully mobile.

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